Essential Travel: How To Safely Travel During Coronavirus

The novel COVID-19 seems to have put the entire world on hold. With months of lockdowns in a majority of countries, the virus is slowly victimizing a huge population and it has already single-handedly attacked thousands of people worldwide. During this critical time, the governments all around the world are urging their public to maintain social distancing and to remain in our homes till it is instructed otherwise. It is imperative to maintain healthy conduct during this time as the smallest of recklessness may prove to be poisonous. As the virus has locked almost everyone up in their houses, some people have to commute as it is mandatory for their schedule or to travel back to their native countries. Places such as the Columbia Metropolitan Airport parking are now charging little to no fee for the parking in order to encourage social distancing thus all the more reason to avoid traveling.

Ensuring Safety While Traveling

However, in order to ensure complete safety while traveling, the traveler needs to make sure that he follows the following safety precautions that increase his safety levels. The precautions are listed below:

  • Frequent washing of hands: Ever since the coronavirus has come into existence, doctors and government officials all over the world are constantly instructing the public to wash their hands properly for 20 seconds focusing on all the contours of the hands in order to remove every last germ that might be present. In the airplane, it is imperative that you wash your hands or sanitize them with a 60% alcohol-containing hand sanitizer to clean your hands.
  • Refrain from touching face with dirty hands: The coronavirus can be a resident on your skin for very long after being in contact with an infected person so do not touch your face until you have washed your hands thoroughly as dirty hands may lead to transferring the virus to your mouth.
  • Maintain distance: Keep a safe 3 feet distance from anyone that you see is coughing or sneezing in order to keep yourself safe from droplets of the novel coronavirus. The droplets may infect you as well.
  • Avoid crowded areas: For the same reason as to avoid being in close proximity with an infected patient, you should avoid being in highly populated or crowded areas as this may increase your risk of catching the virus.
  • Wear protective gear: Use of things such as a mask and gloves provide precaution against the harmful coronavirus droplets as it may settle on surfaces for hours.


Even though traveling during this outbreak should be your last priority, but if it is a matter of urgency then you should ensure that all the precautionary measures are being adopted by you to maintain a maximum level of safety. It should be your first preference to protect yourself from the danger that is roaming on the streets and on the airports.