How to Earn Free Fuel Points Kroger Feedback?

If you are living within the United States, you must have heard of Kroger. After all, it is one of the noteworthy general chain stores in the country. To reward its loyal and reliable customers, the company introduced Kroger Feedback Program and the Kroger Survey Sweepstakes. There are a ton of prizes, fuel points, and cash rewards to be won. All of this and more is available through their online free survey program at

Armed with your purchase receipt from Kroger, visit the online survey program and wait for a message from Kroger as the next lucky winner.

Kroger Feedback Survey (and 50 Bonus Fuel Points!)

While performing our research, we were able to get responses from people who have had trouble with successfully completing the survey. Below is a step-by-step guide that will enable you to complete the survey:

  •       The official Kroger Feedback Survey website is You can be able to open the website using your phone, tablet, or laptop. An internet connection is a common factor.
  •       From the bill receipt from Kroger, enter the details requested from you. Details required for you to continue with the survey include Date, Time, and Entry ID. An important thing to note is that your Kroger Purchase Receipt is only for a limited period. We recommend you start and complete the survey as soon as possible.
  •       Rate your overall experience during your last visit to Kroger. The survey also has a questionnaire section with some closed-ended options. Select the ones that match the quality of service offered and also the products acquired. Choose the most genuine and appropriate options.
  •       Fill in personal details: Customer Name (First and Last Name) as well as Contact Number, Address, etc.
  •       Complete the survey.

And just like that! You are eligible to win 50 Bonus Fuel Points from Kroger. Remember, your receipt is only valid for 7 days. There is also another restriction with regards to the 50 bonus fuel points. You can only receive the bonus once a week.

Other prizes and awards

Kroger is one of the most esteemed chain stores throughout the United States. It lives up to its name by offering variety and diversification. The same can be said of the prizes available to you. While all the participants of the Kroger Feedback Survey stand to win 50 Kroger Fuel Points, there are several other prizes to be won. Among the different prizes, you are able to win a $1,000 and $500 Kroger Gift Card, Kroger Pharmacy Discounts, Free Vouchers, and 2x and 4x Fuel Points.

This is even more reason to purchase your household goods and items at Kroger and possibly get a Gift Card or Voucher for the festive season or upcoming holidays.