The 2019 Top 5 Subjects Students Get Most Tutored For

Every parent aims to get their students ranked top in every subject. Along with academy training, a private tutor is also needed to reach this success. I have seen people checking tutors for subjects like Maths, Science, English and in my experience, I have seen parents going craze to find maths tutors for their children as most of the students lag behind in Mathematics.

We started to review some data to analyze which subjects require tutors. Our statistics taken below is for 2019, and we examined different levels in every subject like Primary, secondary, A-Level, GCSE, Causal learner, University, etc. Here are the top 5 subjects ranked from one to five to get tutored.


Maths tutors stand first in the row. Maths tends to be difficult for many students and many parents prefers to find a private tutor for maths. It is because their children can easily cop with them as they are provided a complete focus by a person who has the passion in maths as well as specialized in the subject to teach them with short cuts, tricks and other ways to make them reach their success.

Primary and secondary classes students parents have more demand for the maths tutors as they believe that their children will be able to grasp from their initial stage when provided with quality teaching. A-Level match students parents were also demanding for extra attention in their children for getting better ranks than the current scenario.


English is spoken by every country and is considered to be the International language in entertainment, science, business, internet, aviation and more. Learning English can provide the children with extended benefits for their life and also in reaching success at their schoolings.

This stays the crucial reasons why parents demanded English tutors for their kids. GCSE English students parents requested more English tutors for their kids as they believe that grasping English knowledge from their initial study will be easier. The second demanded ones are A-level English and then follows the Secondary English classes.


Chemistry helps to develop individual skills in students like analytical and research skills, problem-solving and more. Learning chemistry is best when they are done as teamwork. Parents believe that a chemistry tutor will be able to provide their children with an excellent chance to improve their knowledge as well as helps them to reach success. A-Level Chemistry, GSCE Chemistry, Secondary Level Chemistry are the highly tutored classes.


One of the challenging subject at any levels. A Physical Tutor is capable of offering hands-on experience with their children explaining difficult to understand and complex topic in a more reliable way. Physics also fall under the same category as per the Chemistry. GCSE Physics Tutors, Secondary Level Physical Tutors are the most demanded tutors in the subject. Apart from this, University Physics also were in a high demand followed by the Secondary Level Physics.


Biology made of various branches and helps children to develop a deeper understanding of complex as well as primary forms of life. Biology teaches children about the details of life on humans, plants, environment, and animals in depth. High grades in A-Level and GSCE Biology are significant for children who like to pursue a degree in medicine or marine studies. A-Level Biology Tutors were the first preferred persons followed by GSCE, Secondary, and University.


Tutors especially maths tutors are higher in demand as accomplishing education, achieving good grades in the schooling and reaching a good career is essential in this competitive world to attain the goal.