Who pays for medical bills if I am in an accident and it was not my fault?

When injured due to the negligent actions of another party, the question that always rings repeatedly as you are recuperating in the ward is “Who is going to cover for the medical bills?” Understanding your legal options at such a time becomes crucial. For you to get maximum compensation and also proper counsel, you might need the services of a registered and practicing attorney. Contact a personal injury attorney at Jae Lee Law through https://www.jaeleelaw.com/ for any and all questions regarding car accident claims and possible litigation.

Whose fault? Who bears responsibility?

The first step is in establishing fault. To determine if another party is responsible for your medical bills, you (together with your attorney) must establish if the other party’s actions were either negligent or intentional. The first and most obvious liable party is the other driver. Negligent actions by the driver include flouting traffic rules leading up to the car crash. If the driver is an employee of a company, the driver’s employer may be caused to share liability for the driver’s actions and thus the resulting medical bills.

The local government is yet another possible liable party. The local authorities are responsible for the maintenance of the roads in proper condition. This may be in the erection of signs, proper carpeting of the roads among others. A malfunctioning traffic signal could have been the cause of your accident. Suing the local government and other affiliated entities is a rather sensitive issue. This is where an attorney comes in.

The last probable party is the vehicle manufacturer. All things considered, vehicles are complex machines, and the driver is simply the operator. The machine must be properly functioning at all times to ensure the safety of the driver. Failure to do so can lead to rather dangerous scenarios, like the one that has put you in hospital.

Other damages

While medical bills are the chief matter being considered here, you must also look at the long-term effects of the injury. You will need time to recuperate from the injury at home. Depending on the severity of your injury, you might also miss work. You might also have physical or mental effects from the accident.

Work together with your lawyer from Jae Lee Law to evaluate and establish the damages that you can seek compensation for. Below are other forms of damages that you can seek:

  •       Loss of income. Due to the nature of your injury, you might miss work for an extended period of time. These lost wages must be recovered through compensation by the other party.
  •       Emotional and mental distress. Car accident victims exhibit symptoms of PTSD. Hours at the psychiatrist might be required to help the victim deal with the emotional damage.
  •       Property Damages. This applies if there was any personal property in the car during the time of the accident.